"...The camera is an unusual instrument. It looks both ways-through the eye of the photographer into his subject, and into the mind of the photographer through the subject he captures." - Stanley Rosenfeld


Born and raised in Westerly, Rhode Island, I have grown up with complete admiration for the ocean and scenic landscape that surrounds me. This is what has launched my obsession with photography. I love how a photograph of a wave right before it breaks on shore on that most perfect summer day, can always bring you right back to that moment in time. Feeling the sun warm your skin, hearing the cracking of the wave, smelling the saltiness of the air. Photographs have the power to transform your mood and can transport you to a different place.

As beautiful as scenic photography is, making photographs for people has been life changing. Capturing just that right moment of a baby smiling, a couple so full of joy that it emanates through the picture, an artist being able to showcase their work, these are the things that make photography more than just a hobby but instead a choice career.  


I have had the privilege of having my photos featured in different online blogs such as Borrowed & Blue and How He Asked to name a few.  I am a preferred photographer for The Inn at Mystic, Haley Mansion.  I am fully insured and a member of the PPA- Professional Photographers Association.  I am obsessed with a couple of things, the beach, Free People, Crossfit and striving to make the absolute most purely emotional photographs I can for my clients.  Please give me a call or email to discuss your next special life milestone. Love, Amy.