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I'll admit it.  I have a pretty hard time taking a compliment.  My natural reaction when complimented is to deflect, for fear of the scene from "Mean Girls" playing out.  You know what I'm talking about:

​"you're like really pretty"

"thank you"

​"so you agree, you think you're really pretty?"

While I guess it's silly to still do this at 31 years old, I think it's kind of a normal response so I'm not all that worried about it.  I'm working on it, trying to  just say thank you, but still I'm not that worried about it. However one compliment I CAN take is when a client asks me to do photographs for a second time around.  This is way more than a compliment in fact.  Whether or not they realize it, to me it says "we love what you did, we trust you, we like your style, you were great to work with" or at least thats what I think when I go back to someone for the same service.  Especially when it comes to photographing their children, the most important people out there!  So I thought I would dedicate a blog to the opportunities I've had to work with clients more than once!  I would love to tell them how much I appreciate their faith in me and my vision. 



This is Mason!! He is literally the sweetest little guy imaginable.  We had a great day at Clyde's Cider Mill for his first round of baby pictures.


​then christmas season came around and I was asked to do holiday photos as a surprise. I was so excited I got to hang with this little dude for the day again!

Next is little Marjie.  I took pictures of Marjie right when she was born and it was so good to be with a newborn all snuggly and sweet.

for her first birthday, mom asked me to do some 1 year pictures of Marjie.  I couldn't believe how fast a year had gone by and how beautiful of a little girl Marjie had become in such a short amount of time!

Ahhh next is the Pawlak family.  They first contacted me to do family pictures of them at Harkness Park in Waterford.  We did and I don't know if I should admit this or not but I literally got pulled over by a cop on the way home because I was so excited about the photos I was looking at them and an officer thought it was a cell phone.  "No I'm not on my phone its my camera!" didn't fly well either so lesson learned, but still I love these people. 

5151 66 Jaxson had such a happy personality it was incredible, this little boy literally was an angel the entire time we were there.  So of course I was THRILLED when they asked me to come photograph his first birthday party! uhhh YES!

img7img7 img43img43 OK fine so usually I go to a party for the cake.  This time the star of the show was definitely Jax. 


Another fave is Lauren.  We did her maternity pictures and she was STUNNING.  The whole time I kept thinking though, I can't wait to meet that little person in there!!

and then I did get to meet her! Little Ella West. Such a literal doll

It's not always families and children though!  For two years I have been asked to photograph the Beth Israel Deaconess Needham Cancer Center Fundraiser. In 2014 the event was held at Patriot Place in Foxboro MA (with a New England Revolution soccer game going on at the same time!).  It was Great Gatsby themed and was an amazingly successful fundraiser. There were celebrities, a great band, amazing food and incredibly fun generous guests.

I was so flattered to be asked to do this event again, in 2015 the event was held at the Westin Boston Waterfront and was even bigger.  More celebrities were there, Billy Costa from KISS 108 and TV Diner was the emcee again, Christina Grimmi from The Voice performed. Amazingly I should add. Susan Wornick helped to emcee the event as well.  Another successful fundraiser that I was so honored to be a part of. 


So the truth is I was going to wait to make this post for about umm 18 more days because a repeat client I am so thrilled to have has not yet had their second photo shoot.  I shot engagement photos for Bethany and Steve.  A couple so in love and excited about each other it makes you smile to be around them as much as they are smiling to be around each other. They really loved their engagement photos so they asked me to photograph their wedding! So after May 9th I will update this to include the second time I have gotten to work with them, but for now I will post a favorite from their engagement shoot. Because I'm impatient and all of these were in my head so I couldn't wait anymore. 

see you soon!


;) accept the compliments
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