Surprise Proposal | Kevin + Kathy

July 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

On Saturday morning I drove to Guilford, CT to help pull off a surprise proposal from Kevin to his girlfriend Kathy. While Kevin was playing beautiful music with others in the Guilford Town Band, and Kathy was enjoying some time with friends and family, relaxing in the gorgeous sun and listening to the music that was flowing through the white tents, I was darting around from behind tree to tree in a hat and sunglasses hoping that the surprise-ee wouldn't spot me.  Kevin had asked me to help him with the surprise proposal weeks ago, as Kathy had really wanted the day {whenever it was to happen} to be caught on camera.  So here I am hiding under a huge weeping willow with children playing all around me, scanning the large crowd for Kathy.  Finally two men in baseball hats approach the tree...and duck under. "Are you Amy?" one asks.  I've never felt so cool in my life.  "Yes. I am." I said, feeling like this is straight up Mission Impossible.  The two men were Kevin's family and thankfully showed me where Kathy was sitting. Ok so the plan is after the concert is over, Kevin walks right up to Kathy and gets down on one knee and pops the question.  Back to me crawling around, blanket hopping in my covert mission and trying to blend in with random families as I move, and the concert finally ends.  I watch Kevin walk over to Kathy, a huge smile on his face. I had to make a gametime decision to sacrifice my cover to get Kathy's reaction. So I did and it was beautiful.  Kevin pulled out the ring and I don't know that anyone has ever been so happy.  Kathy was shocked, completely surprised that he had the ring, and that this surprise proposal was happening now.  Hugs on hugs on hugs and even more kisses later, she finally said yes and had the ring on her finger.  It was beautiful to have the closest of friends and family there to help celebrate this moment.  And the family also couldn't stop smiling.  Knowing Kevin and Kathy personally, I have to say I don't know too many people who are as genuinely happy as they are.  They both are always rocking a sincere smile, and not just when they are with each other, but like, always.  Anyone who knows them knows this.  So to see how much even happier they make each other is such an awesome thing.  But then again I guess watching true love always is.  Congratulations Kevin and Kathy, I can not wait to watch your life together grow. 


Great photos! I especially love that you captured Kathy's tears of joy! You did a great 'undercover job'! Thanks for sharing!
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