The Inn at Mystic | Jordan + Jessica

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Jessica and Jordan's love story begins with a little twist of fate.  It was one of those nights when college friends mix with hometown friends at the local favorite spot, and also one of those nights when being in the right place at the right time happens to strike a spark.  This night the right place was Ryan's Pub, in Groton, CT.  The spark was started over a game of corn hole.  According to team mate {and later best man} Dave DelGrasso, the two were annoyingly holding up the game because they wouldn't stop talking!! Maybe it was the fact that they were both teachers, or that they both were very Italian.  It could have been any number of things but it was obvious the two were going to get along.   Some time went by however before they went on a first date.  Jessica was still in school in Boston so they chose to bond over their similarities at a {fittingly} Italian Restaurant in the North End of Providence.  That night Jordan must have seen in Jessica her generous, huge heart.  A girl who will remember everyone's birthday, anniversary and have a perfect gift to match the occasion.  And Jessica for sure saw the incredibly caring and kind person that Jordan is.  {In fact Jordan is such a nice person that it takes a while to believe he genuinely is THAT nice!}  Whatever it was, fate did not steer them wrong.  Their relationship continued to blossom, adding to it the blending of families from all over the East Coast, Maine to Delaware, and an adorable love of a puppy named Brantley. They have stood by and supported one another for years.  Jordan held Jess's hand as she was finishing her Master's Degree at Lesley University, and moved her whole life to Connecticut from Boston. And Jessica has been there for Jordan through his crazy football season schedule as a coach, also a high school teacher.

An important chapter was added to their love story on July 18th, 2015.  At The Inn at Mystic, Jordan and Jessica were married.  It was a stunning ceremony + reception on the grounds of The Haley Mansion.  There were a couple of obvious things on this day. First, they have a LOT of family, and these are the most important people in the world to Jordan and Jessica.  Second, they have a LOT of friends.  And each of these friends are incredibly special to both of them.  And lastly Jordan + Jessica love each other to the ends of the earth.  It was all over their faces through the entire day and night.  The smiles, the kisses, the laughter and the tears, (even Jordan's quivering lip when he saw his bride!) are what a wedding day should be made of.  xo Jordan and Jessy, you were too perfect for words. 


Sneak Peek Album here!

Venue: The Inn at Mystic, Haley Mansion, Mystic CT

Hair + Makeup: Posh Salon, Niantic CT

Cake + Cupcakes: Teal Bake Shop, Waterford CT 

A beautiful gift from a family friend, which held the bride's wedding jewelry

Brantley had brought Jessica the ring when Jordan proposed so it was only natural he somehow made it into a picture!! 

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One of the people Jordan + Jessica have to thank for their chance encounter

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Quick stop at Harp & Hound for the guys

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Jessica's gift from Jordan was brought to her by her brother

And Jordan's gift from Jessica was brought by his sister (and future nephew or niece!)

Incredible Family

The closest of friends

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Really... you had to be there

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Lisa Costello Delgrosso(non-registered)
Amy - your pictures are beautiful! I'm Dave Delgrossos mom- I have been showing everyone these pics at Bay Styles! You should give Dave some business cards- people love your work!
Jordan and Jessica Panucci(non-registered)
Absolutely amazing, Amy Mellow! So blessed to have you in our lives, for these pictures, and to call you our family! Thank you SO much for capturing the laughs, happy tears, smiles, and the infinite amount of love shared on our wedding day! Love you!
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