Snowy Engagement Photos in Mystic | Ivy + Bill

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I don't really know how to write a blog post for my sister's engagement session.  Not because there's too much to say.  And not really because I want to make sure that it's perfect... I guess it's because it was so different than working with any other client.  I didn't just meet Ivy.  {I've known her for quite some time now ;) } I didn't get to ask questions about their love story like I usually would, I already know all about it {whether I want to or not.}  And her fiancé certainly didn't go politely and willingly into this session like most other fiancés do.  I guess it's probably because I know I get to use this opportunity to let her know just how much I love her and appreciate her, and I want to do it justice.  How proud I am, how much I admire her and her incredible unstoppable drive and passion.  I mean of course I am also very happy for her and Bill and that he proposed and they are planning a wedding {which is a whole other chapter... um maybe novel? in itself} because that is why we did these photos.  And while we're talking about Bill I should say a few words about him.  His laugh.  It is his trademark. I didn't know what to expect when I first met Bill, but I certainly wasn't expecting someone so happy.  He laughs at himself as much as he laughs at others.  He is truly so supportive of Ivy and her crazy ideas {except this session really, "what pants do I wear, what shirt, I don't wanna wear that, do we have to? I'll be at the bar"...}  But otherwise he really puts his all into being whatever Ivy needs him to be.  It could be that she needs a walk-in refrigerator at her store.  And all of a sudden Bill is Mr. himself and works through the whole night for weeks to get it done.  Or maybe she wants to run a 5k.  So the next day she finds he's running all around the neighborhood {in his golf shoes}.  They're a bit of an honest couple.  They pretty openly share the problems they run into.  With starting a business together, remodeling a house, Bill's obsession with golf and Bud Light and Ivy's with the beach and not golf there could be some stress.  But they make it work.  Ivy has an extremely successful, thriving business, {Ivy's Simply Homemade}, their home is gorgeous and hey there's nothing wrong with the occasional separate vacation right?  Golf trip in NC and beach vaca in the Bahamas?  And that is what is awesome about them.  Bill may put on his tough guy facade, but at the end of the day when you are done taking photos of them at their engagement session and he keeps on smiling, hugging Ivy, waiting for his picture to be taken, you can tell how much he loves her.  

Ivy has been my role model when it came to starting a business.  I feel unbelievably fortunate to have had her example.  Honestly, I don't know that I ever would have had the courage to do so if I didn't see with my own eyes someone who came from the same exact home I did, who had the same life as I did to prove that it can be done.  She has been unrealistically supportive of me and my dream.  She has let me put myself first, for whenever I needed last minute time off for photo shoots or when I would come into work and just "couldn't even" {I may not handle stress as well as she does.}  Ivy has been one of my biggest supporters, and I genuinely want her to know that, and that I would not be able to be chasing my dream if I hadn't watched her catch hers first.  

Like I said I guess this feels a little strange because it is a unique circumstance.  Part of this also was that I really wanted Ivy to feel beautiful on this day.  I know my sister is gorgeous.  She has a beautiful smile, great hair etc etc but I really wanted her to FEEL it.  After returning from Imaging USA and listening to Sue Bryce speak about photographing women I decided to use this opportunity to push Ivy outside of her comfort zone and take some photos of just her to begin the session.  We had a Sephora date in the morning, she bought something new to wear and I made her get in front of my camera and get just a little uncomfortable.  It was perfect outside for some snowy engagement photos in Mystic, but the photos that came out... well that was all because of Ivy.  I have never seen that side of her.  It was like a dream, she knew she was beautiful and that the photos were going to be beautiful and she let her self conscious walls come down and had the best time ever.  I can not even say how much I love that feeling, making someone feel that way about themselves.  Freaking awesome. 

Apparently when I was born Ivy wouldn't let anyone else hold me because I was "her baby".  I still feel sometimes this is true.  No one else lets me get away with being as grumpy, stressed, needy, or flighty as she does.  Ivy, you deal with me at my worst and protect me when it comes to every. single. thing.  I am so happy you are happy.  I know Bill is your match and I am glad that you two have somehow found each other in this crazy life of ups and downs and twists and turns.  Your story is a unique one, truly an example of finding something to cherish after experiencing heartbreak.  You've been through a lot so far and you have a fun and exciting road ahead.  Here's to life, laughter,  tons of love, and Bud Lights. {please click that < link, yes here's to you ;) }

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snowy engagement photos in mystic




Your descriptions of your sister and her fiance are great! And I agree it's hardest to write about those you know and love because you want to due them justice because you love them much!
I photographed my sister's engagements and wedding as well! Beautiful pictures. You can tell from your words how much you love her!
Khrystal :-)(non-registered)
This was beautifully written to the point of making me tear up a little! It made me love these two people more than I already did. Congratulations to this awsome, amazing, wonderful, fun and kind couple <3
I cried reading this.
It's wonderful.
The photos are revealing and beautiful. Your work is always exceptional!
I love that you are never complacent.....that you are always striving to improve, perfect, and learn.
Amy..WOW....what a heart warming piece! The pictures are absolutely beautiful and your blog was so touching and you can tell it came right from your heart. I have tears in my eyes. I am happy for ny brother to have such an amazing girl in Ivy but even HAPPIER for Ivy because she finally has a gorgeous big diamond ring that she so deserves.
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