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Stunning Backyard Wedding in Connecticut {09.09.2017}

I started this blog by highlighting all of the amazing personal details that were incorporated into Wesley + Thaler's stunning backyard wedding.  Because of all of their effort and thoughtfulness, they transformed Thaler's grandparents waterfront property into an absolute woodland fairytale dream.  But what I came to realize is that while they planned every detail down to a tee, to this couple, things are just things, and what was truly the most important part of their day was the fact that they got to throw essentially the biggest, most epic dinner party ever for the people that they hold the closest to their hearts.  

I don't say this lightly because believe me the arch that they married under which Thaler made from driftwood, is not just a "thing", in fact it meant the world to Wes that Thaler was able to make her vision come to life with his own two hands, but what I do mean by that is that it was the people watching them marry under that arch that they were most excited about.  Wes' family lives far away, split between Brazil and California, so to have them walking down the aisle and sitting front row, is what gave her that gorgeous smile that she rocked the entire day.  On the other end of the spectrum is Thaler's family, who lives just next door.  But I know she was equally excited to be officially, well "legally" joined into Thaler's family. How do I know?  Wes describes being a part of Thaler's family as "living inside of a cozy down comforter".  Hands down the best description I've ever read about someone's family.  In addition to being married under a handmade arch, there was also a stone wall that the ceremony took place in front of.  This was significant since Thaler helped his grandfather build that wall, and when Thaler's many many cousins are together they have the tradition to take photos in front of that wall.  I imagine this wall is where Thaler received the best gift he's ever received, which he says is "the gift of my trade from my father".   He is speaking about the family business, Hefel Masonry. To be fair to the women in his life, his other favorite gifts are "my moms intuition, my sister and Wesley's never ending waterfall of love".  Do you see why I say it's not the "things" that are important to these two?

 Wes + Thaler knew pretty early on that they were meant to be together.  And while Wes might have known from the first date that there was no turning back, no other option, I think it's Thaler that wins when it comes to "who knew first" (not that they're ever competitive ;) ) because Thaler says he knew from their very first encounter.  Who couldn't think that Wesley is gorgeous?  But it was more than that.  After an hour of talking at the bar Wes was working at, Thaler recognized the huge heart that she has.  They bonded over family and values.  Love of travel and adventure.  They both left the country following the first meeting, but he remembered the day she was going to be back and set up their first date.  That date was magical for Wes, and even though they were practically strangers, he filled the role as a healer and provider for her pretty quickly, since Wes had very recently lost her mom.  But the more amazing part is that she let him.  As a fiercely independent person, someone I'm sure who kept her heart closely guarded, and preferred to do things for and by herself, she let this guy in.  Now, they walk through this life together, and they lean on each other frequently. 

Man I could go on and on about this couple forever apparently!!  They could, and really should, write a book.  It would do their story way more justice than I am able to do. They have already created so many chapters in the relatively short time they have known each other.  And I can't wait to read about the global treasure hunt that Thaler wants to plan for them, or to hear about when Wes finally gets to visit Thaler's family in Austria and relive his childhood memories of visiting there.  I can't wait to read about the success each of them achieve in their businesses, Thaler's masonry business and Wes' personal training business, WESFIT Training (she works out, in case you couldn't tell ;) )

So while at this point I usually say goodbye and let the photos take over, I do have to caption a couple because of all of the amazing thoughtfulness Wes + Thaler put into every detail.  So enjoy the photos but make sure to check the captions because there are tons of gems below! 

Rings: Family Heirloom and Marrow Fine Jewelry

Gown: Alexandra Grecco from Everthine Bridal 

Bridesmaids Dresses: Mismatched choices, some from BHLDN and Show Me Your Mumu

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Veil: Blossom + Bluebird

Flora: Pine + Petal

Wedding Planner: Kaitlyn Haines- KH Weddings and Events

DJ: DJ Chum Zilla

Hair and Makeup Artist: Bride- Carly Campbell

Bridesmaids- Keira Coon, Beehive Salon

Lighting: A&E Rentals

Tents: Sperry Tents

Rentals: Rentals Unlimited

Officiant: Be Wed by Fred

Food: Chefs David Pottie and Chad Hobert

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Wes wore her mother's pearl earrings and family heirloom bracelet.  The stunning topaz ring was heirloom birthstones that Marrow Fine Jewelry crafted into a stack piece ring.  The same jeweler also created Thaler's ring which was originally Wes' fathers ring.  Her wedding ring was Thaler's great grandmother's.  She also carried this handmade cloth from Thaler's grandmother, which her ring arrived in from Austria. 

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Wes wore a gorgeous 3 piece Alexandra Grecco gown from Everthine Bridal.  Thaler, along with his father and cousin, wore traditional Austrian Lederhosen.

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Wes also wore her Mother's pearls woven into her hair.

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Thaler got ready in his grandparents house, on the same property as Wes, but right next door.  I loved the traditional Austrian decor they both had.   "boho wedding", "austrian wedding", "groom in lederhosen"D7500 0 D7500 0 "austrian wedding", "groom in lederhosen"D7500 0 "pine and petal", "boho wedding", "backyard wedding", "ct bohemian wedding"D7500 0

The arch that Thaler made.  I overheard a guest saying that they had this driftwood sitting in their yard forever, and the husband told the wife that one day someone would put it to good use.  I think it's safe to say that guy was right :)  Pine and Petal and a friend of the family, Mary Bliss, were responsible for the gorgeous floral design.  D7500 0

Wes + Thaler had a beer unity ceremony.  They each poured the first beer that Wes served Thaler on the day they met into this stein.  The stein was handed down from Thaler's Oma, who received it from her grandfather.   D7500 0 D7500 0 D7500 0 D7500 0

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The couple created an outdoor living room.  Fitting since they love to have people over and entertain and they love family and home.   D7500 0

Insanely talented, the couple also made this bar themselves! 

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Wes met her 10 month old niece for the first time only moments before she walked down the aisle.   D7500 0

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An extremely proud father walks his daughter down the aisle to music that was composed by her brother.  D7500 0 D7500 0

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Thaler's sister sang Edelweiss a cappella during the ceremony.  I don't know that any of us didn't cry. 

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D7500 0 Thaler didn't choose a single best man, because they are all like brothers to him.  So when it came time for the rings, they started at the end of the line and each groomsman held them as they passed them down the line to Thaler. 

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They wrote their own incredibly beautiful vows, and the gardens on the family's property were just stunning. 

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The couple's menu was a perfect mix of typical fare from each of their homes.  Hers from Brazil, his from Austria, and theirs from Connecticut.  The couples personal friends Chefs Chad Hobert and David Pottie put together this unique and delicious dinner. 

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The newlyweds welcomed their guests with a traditional Austrian schnapps toast. 

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Four generations of beautiful women right here!  D7500 0 D7500 0 D7500 0


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