Coast Guard Academy Wedding | Hilary + Matthew

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Coast Guard Academy Wedding {09.16.2017} I often think you can tell a lot about a couple by the toasts given at their wedding. Some toasters (??lol) have a really great sense of humor and start out with some hysterical jokes and some tell great stories about when they were younger. But sometimes they can bring the photographer to tears. And it's t...
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Stunning Backyard Wedding | Wesley + Thaler

October 25, 2017  •  1 Comment
Stunning Backyard Wedding in Connecticut {09.09.2017} I started this blog by highlighting all of the amazing personal details that were incorporated into Wesley + Thaler's stunning backyard wedding. Because of all of their effort and thoughtfulness, they transformed Thaler's grandparents waterfront property into an absolute woodland fairytale drea...
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Lace Factory Wedding | Marina + Patrick

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Lace Factory Wedding • 09.03.17 Marina + Patrick envisioned a perfect and unique experience for their wedding day. And with having a Lace Factory wedding, that is exactly what they got. The Lace Factory alone is a vision for an industrial chic wedding. A restored brick factory building, with lace and white sheers hanging from the ceiling, this gem...
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Saltwater Farm Wedding | Laura + Matt

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Saltwater Farm Wedding {08.20.17} OK Summer I was just kidding, I want you back. Specifically this gorgeous day in August that we spent together at the most stunning Saltwater Farm wedding of Laura + Matt. I mean I'm pretty basic and I like pumpkins and all, but I love even more the way the summer light highlighted Laura's beautiful blond hair as...
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Latitude 41 Wedding | Aubrey + Christopher

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Latitude 41 Wedding | Aubrey + Christopher On plans for the future: "Retire somewhere I can play golf and Aubrey can go to the beach every day" On what he's looking forward to on the wedding day: "As long as she's happy, I'm happy" I can totally see why Aubrey married Chris;) A gorgeous Latitude 41 wedding took place on August 12, 2017. Full...
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