The Babe Festival is a creation of wanting to offer boudoir sessions, but done in my style.  Sort of an "I just wanna play in the sun feelin all kinds of sexy" sessions.  Barefoot, sun kissed, free spirited.  They are for yourself but they can also be for him, her, or to just as a way to always remember how bad ass you are.  I have an immense appreciation for women who take great care of themselves and want to show them how amazing they look.  In addition to helping women feel awesome physically, I also am passionate about helping women financially and emotionally who are victims of domestic violence, which is why I commit to donating a percentage of the proceeds from The Babe Festival sessions to Safe Futures.  Safe Futures provides housing, therapy, and other types of assistance to anyone who needs to leave their situation due to physical or emotional abuse.  So send me an email and join the Babe Fest! 

*sessions include an album

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