Capturing your wedding in a way that brings you back to that very day, that exact moment in time.  

This is my goal when I have the privilege of documenting your wedding.  The wedding that you have put endless thought and time and planning into.  

When your day has come I want you to have the most enjoyable one you possibly can.  I want you to have a blast, and soak in every single beautiful second.  To not forget to look around, appreciate who is there and how the day looks, what special handmade treasures complete your vision, how beautiful your best friends and family are.  Be assured I will also be right there, taking it all in through my camera, and freezing those moments for you to enjoy later.

While you are saying your vows and smiling and staring deeply at your fiancé, listening to every word, feeling like there is not another person in the world, I want you to know that I am also watching the loved ones who have gathered to see you on this most special day and that I will make photos of those loving reactions, those tears and smiles and laughter.  

While you are having your first dance and reveling the new adventure that you are about to begin I want you to think how you can not wait to see your very own photos from this day and relive this very moment.  

The investment in this aspect of your wedding I truly feel is the most important you can make.  To put a price on not only the service but also the person who stands behind the service is a hard thing to do.  But it must be done and so my wedding day packages begin around $3200.  I strive to offer accessible wedding packages to couples, while still being able to continuously invest in myself and my company.

Having these photos for the rest of your lives is even more important than having them taken, which is why I place a lot of emphasis on having a wedding album.  You can read more about choosing an album here .

Thank you for taking the time to read about the investment you could be making for your wedding day.  I understand no two weddings are the same and would love to talk more to you about how to customize something that will fit you perfectly.